USA – NY – Police: Hatchet Attack by Islam Convert Was Terrorism

NYC hatchet attacker Zale Thompson was recent convert to Islam

Zale Thompson via Fox News (Screenshot)

NEW YORK CITY – Zale Thompson, 32, who brutally attacked police officers with a hatchet in broad daylight converted to Islam two years ago, as revealed at ABC News. Thompson was shot and killed by police during the attack.

Twitchy reported that Thompson “has a criminal record in California and was discharged from the Navy for misconduct.”

While looking through the terrorist’s computer for a possible motive, police said his browsing history “included organized terror groups, beheadings and the shooting in Canada earlier this week that officials there have called a terrorist attack.” In his “recent postings on social media,” the article added, “he ranted about injustices in American society and oppression abroad…”

Police Commissioner William Bratton said,

This was a terrorist attack, certainly.

His father “told officials he converted to Islam about two years ago and was described as a ‘recluse’ who had been depressed lately.”

While the ABC News article claims that Thompson’s “postings didn’t point to any affiliation with a terror group or direct influence of radical Islam,” the Daily Mail reported that on social media Thompson “called on Muslim extremists to attack America and wage jihad.”

Additionally, Thompson’s Facebook page – now removed – clearly is “influenced” by radical Islam:

Zale Thompson's Facebook page

Watch a Fox News report on the attack here:


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