Either clueless and disinterested or evil and duplicitous. Obama Apparently Defends Russians’ Missile Sale to Iran!

Obama Apparently Defends Russians’ Missile Sale to Iran

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Tad Cronn Filed under Foreign Policy, Liberal Hypocrisy, United Nations

"Obama is something else," said Israeli news commentator Ben Caspit after President Obama on Friday seemed to defend Russia’s decision to sell missiles to Iran.

He was being polite.

At a press conference Friday, Obama said of the planned missile sale, "I will tell you this is actually a sale that was slated to happen in 2009. When I first met with then-Prime Minister Putin, they actually stopped the sale, paused or suspended the sale at our request. And I’m, frankly, surprised that it held this long, given that they were not prohibited by sanctions from selling these defensive weapons."

But the empathy didn’t stop there, with Obama adding, "When I say I’m … surprised — given some of the deterioration in the relationship between Russia and the United States, and the fact that their economy is under strain and this was a substantial sale."

The proposed sale by Russia to Iran of S-300 missiles has raised alarms in Israel for obvious reasons. With Iran actively pursuing its nuclear research, the U.S. apparently doing nothing substantial to stop them and the world poised to lift sanctions on Iran thanks to the U.S.-brokered talks, the prospect of Russia selling new missiles to the mullahs reinforces the fear of a nuclear-armed Iranian military.

Caspit said that "jaws dropped" around the Israeli Channel 10 studio when Obama made his remarks.

"Obama is something else," Caspit said. "He’s decided to take America out of the wars. …"

News anchor Alon Ben David added with incredulity, "He’s amazed that the Russians honored an agreement with him? That’s what is astonishing."

"This is the new America," Caspit said. "We had better get used to it."

This is what the world thinks of the United States under Obama, the man who ascended to the Oval Office while promising to "fix" the U.S. image around the world.

Apparently by "fix" he meant that he would reduce us to cowardly, oblivious laughingstocks in the eyes of our allies and enemies.

After six years of "fixing" America’s image and influence, we are more in conflict with Russia than we have been since the Cold War, the Middle East has been completely destabilized and is falling into the hands of barbaric cutthroats from ISIS and other Islamofascists, and Iran is about to receive the go-ahead to follow its long-held nuclear ambitions.

Obama is either the most clueless, disinterested president America has had to suffer through, or he is evil and duplicitous. Take your pick. Either explains the mess he has made since taking the oath of office.

Just don’t try to tell Americans that Obama has this country’s — or its allies’ — interests at heart.

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