– September 07, 2016 –

​Congressman Zinke Statement On The Commander-In-Chief Forum

“Tonight the American people saw one candidate who was ready to assume the role of commander-in-chief and lead our troops to victory over radical Islamic terrorists, and they also saw Hillary Clinton. As a former Commander at SEAL Team Six and the Commander of Joint Special Forces in Iraq (2004), I’ve not only commanded the men who died in Benghazi under Clinton’s watch, I’ve also trained hundreds more who are still serving. I think of them when I listen to our candidates for president and to me the choice is clear. Donald Trump is not afraid to say radical Islamic terrorism and he certainly isn’t afraid to destroy it. Mr. Trump’s commitment to military readiness and American leadership stands in stark Contrast to Clinton’s third term of Obama.

“As a military dad, father of a Navy Diver and Navy SEAL, I shudder to think of how many times the flag will be flown at half staff over a weak Clinton White House. There’s a reason veterans and military families are coalescing around Trump. Clinton has disqualified herself as commander-in-chief and Mr. Trump has proven himself.” – Rep. Ryan Zinke, Commander, USN, Ret.